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Manage and Improve your  Microsoft Secure Score

MyScore is a solution that helps Microsoft Partners to monitor, analyze and improve their customers’ Secure Scores.

Analyse and Compare, Historical Secure Score with Awesome Charts!

Partner Benefits
  • Access to all customers at the same time with multi tenancy,

  • Ease of management as a managed service,

  • Workload-based Analysis,

  • Customer and service-specific improvements notes,

  • Schedule Secure Score Assessments,

  • Quick reports and graphs of historical change.

  • Lead generation for security improvement consultancy.

Customer Benefits
  • Easy installation and quick access,

  • Maximum usage of M365 security services,

  • Fast updated security score and instant reports,

  • Prioritization according to regulations and service-based regulation mandatory features like KVKK,

  • Ability to filter services as workload and end-user effects.

Who are we

What is MyScore?



MyScore is portal that helps Microsoft Partners to monitor, analyze and improve their customers’ Secure Scores from a single panel. At the same time they can take easier and faster action for their customers.


As Managed Service, partners can increase their customers’ security levels or can offer as a solution. In this way, the customer will be able to maximize the security services that Microsoft 365 solutions currently offer to them while at the same time finding the product and service offerings within the required security solutions due to the needs and / or regulations.

How it works
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